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I would like to define 5 classes with an @WebService annotation on them and use wsgen to create a single wsdl for all of them. Each class would be its own port. I've been reading the wsgen documentation and this doesn't seem possible. But, when I look at the wsdl spec, it appears to be possible. Does anyone know how to do this with wsgen?

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I'm not familiar with wsgen, however... as far as I know, you can have only one class fronting a webservice. However, you can define multiple operations, with each operation being a distinct method in your class. Maybe you can do something like this:

  1. Define your 5 classes as normal
  2. Define a 'fronting' class with a separate method that calls into each of your original 5 classes.
  3. Run your 'fronting' class through wsgen to create a WSDL with 5 separate operations (one for each class)

As a side note, it's generally better to define webservices top-down rather than bottom-up. Create the WSDL first, and then use something like wsdl2java to create the java skeleton.

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