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Can anyone provide an example of how I could use GET and POST (Apache 4.1 HttpClient)?
Because most of the example that I found are using 3.x

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4 years later, and it's still true. Not sure how making it many times more complex is an improvement. –  CorayThan Aug 20 at 19:41

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This example demonstrates client authentication but also demonstrates how to perform a GET as well. This example demonstrates submitting parameters to a location and shows how to perform a POST.

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This question was posted some time back. For others looking for a place to begin, I can recommend Lars Vogella's turorial:

There are also some links on the Apache sit now too:

Depending on what you are doing, the best place to start is with a simple web site you are familiar with and use regularly before going for somethign complex.

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You can check this tutorial. i think it will help.

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Here is an example from the apache client WIKI:


It is a simple example showing a get and a post.

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