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I have a Flex 3.2 application for which I am developing a custom style. Basically the first stylesheet gets applied first, and then my custom stylesheet. I am wondering how I can completely empty a value set in the first stylesheet with a value set in the second. The value has to be blank because if the horizontal-center value is set then any other positioning values are ignored. I have attempted null and "" with no luck. Any ideas?


.myButton {
    horizontal-center: 0;

.myButton {
    horizontal-center: ??
    left: 0;
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Did you try NaN or undefined - just guessing. – Amarghosh Aug 1 '10 at 13:40

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Perhaps what you need is runtime style selection in ActionScript:

StyleManager.setStyleDeclaration("SelectorName", styleName, true);
StyleManager.clearStyleDeclaration("SelectorName", styleName);

Where styleName is an instance of CSSStyledeclaration, and SelectorName would in your case likely be "Button"

See the page for StyleManager in the liveDocs.

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this may work in other applications, but I am not executing any custom ActionScript code, just custom CSS files. – rosswil Aug 3 '10 at 22:10

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