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So I have a html page that has a form, and a table inside the form that has rows of products.

I got to the point now where I am looping through the table rows, and in each loop I grab all the table cells.

for tr in t.findAll('tr'):
    td = tr.findAll('td')

Now I want to grab the image src url from the first td.

Html looks like:

  <td ...>
    <a href ... >
       <img ... src="asdf/asdf.jpg" .. >


How would I go about doing this? I keep thinking in terms of regex.

I tried:

td[0].a.image.src but that didn't work as it says no attribute 'src'.

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I imagine your use of image for img in the question was just a transcription error, but the important point is that, in BeautifulSoup, in order to access a tag's HTML attributes you use indexing notation (like the ['src'] in my code snippet above), not dot-syntax -- the dot-syntax notation actually proceeds down the tree instead (just as it's doing above for the two dots, one each just before a and img).

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