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I am trying to debug a problem where my widget becomes invalid and a new one fills in. This only happens once at the beginning of time and then it remains the second widget forever. So, I want to put code in to narrow down the point in time when it happens. What I would like to do it something like this:

e.g., (not real code) Log.d(TAG, "myWidgetId=" + this.getMyWidgetId());

Then I would get a list of all the enabled IDs and see if I am in the list. I cannot find a method, member, attribute, etc. that would give me my id?

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It cannot be done. The AppWidgetProvider's ID is implicitly handled and can change, therefore, the best one can do is to ask the AppWidgetManager to generate a list of the widgets for a particular component, invoke them, then respond to the service request using the provided ID.

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HOw do we do that? I mean any sample code, how to get list of widget ids using AppWidgetManager? Please help. – Sagar May 9 '12 at 11:14
In which cases does the id change? I assume that only upon creation of new AppWidgets, no? – android developer Apr 13 '13 at 23:05

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