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Using jQuery UI's "XML data parsed once" autocomplete. I've checked the feed and it comes out as valid and I even logged it with error() and I get OK 200 for the status and 4 for the readystate (the XML file can be seen below).

My jQuery code is:

 $(document).ready(function() {
dataType: 'xml',
url: '/includes/xml/games.xml',

success: function(xmlResponse) {
 var data = $('game', xmlResponse).map(function() {
  return {
   name: $('name', this).text(),
   parsed: $('parsed', this).text()

  source: data,
  minLength: 2,

  select: function(event, ui) {

error: function(xmlResponse) {

If it makes any difference, this file the above code is loaded in is done via Ajax (basically, I have a page which has a div, which loads in a PHP, which include the above code at the top). But I doubt that has anything to do with this, since the xmlResponse seems to appear fine, just can't seem to figure out why success: isn't firing.

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Check the Overview section in the plugin documentation:
The local data can be a simple Array of Strings, or it contains Objects for each item in the array, with either a label or value property or both.

Notice, that you need to have either label or value property in your js object to have it displayed. So, try something like this:

return {
    value: $('name', this).text(),
    name: $('name', this).text(),
    parsed: $('parsed', this).text()
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Alrighty, I'll keep that in mind. – Shawn Collier Jul 31 '10 at 5:57
Sorry it took a while to respond to this, it did help me figure out part of the issue. – Shawn Collier Sep 5 '10 at 2:27

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