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I am having multiple forms with Find button provided. The forms i am having are Contacts.vb and Users.vb, i want to use single Find.vb form for both of these forms. I mean whether a user presses Find button from Contacts.vb or Users.vb the same form should be opened with corresponding data that is fetched from database.

I tried using Find.Owner = Me from Users.vb but i don't know how can i determine from Find.vb that who is the owner.

I tried to use that if owner of find form is Users.vb then fetch data from users table and if owner is Contacts.vb then fetch data from Contacts table. Unfortunately i am not able to perform this task.

Please provide any proper solution or any other suggestion to perform this. Thanks in Advance

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Call your children form using:


Now, how to know which form called to the parent form? Using:


for example...

if Me.Owner.Name = "frmMain" then
   MessageBox.Show("YES! Its called from frmMain")
   MessageBox.Show("Its called from " & Me.Owner.Name)
End If

Maybe you need exactly this:

'To call your form Find.vb from a command button. (for example)

'How to know which form call to Find.vb ?
If Me.Owner.Name = "Contacts" then
   'Actions for Contacts
ElseIf Me.Owner.Name = "Users" then
   'Actions for Users
   'Actions for NOT"Contacts" and NOT"Users"
end if
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You should add a property to Find form as follows:

Private findTypeValue As FindType
Public Property FindType As FindType
Return findTypeValue
End Get
Set (value as FindType)
findTypeValue = value
End Set

And create Enum for the property:

Public Enum FindType As Integer
Contacts = 0
Users= 1
End Enum

Then in Find form check the type:

If FindType = FindType.Contacts Then

End If
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Add a property (e.g. "PersonType") to the child form - set this from the parent just before showing the form - and then use the value of this property in the child to perform the correct search type.

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