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I want to know what changes I made, without looking at the 30 other files that other team members modified.

So when I hg out, it said the first changeset to push was 4821, so since then I have pulled, merged, and pushed a couple times. Now I want to make sure all the debugging code is removed. Is there a way to diff the current revision (4873) against revision 4821 but only for my changes?

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If your changes are in different files than those of your coworkers, which is how it sounds, you can use something like this:

hg diff -r 4821 -r 4863 -I path/to/file1 -I path/to/file2

If they're mixed in the same files as other people's changes then you would have needed to keep your changes in a separate branch (which doesn't require the branch command, anonymous branching is commonly used for this sort of thing).

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The following command should do the trick:

hg diff -r "4821:4873 and user(your_username)"
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I don't know if you can upgrade to the recently release Mercurial 1.6 or not, but this functional query language feature they just put in is what you might be looking for.

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Try this approach:

  1. First clone your local repo to another folder
  2. In the new clone, rebase your last changeset so that it immediately follows your the other changeset (this should create a new head from it)
  3. Do the diff
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I get the impression he has multiple changesets interspersed with theirs and merged back a few times, so I don't think he can separate them with a rebase. –  Ry4an Jul 31 '10 at 20:02

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