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I have a samba-server. Can connect to it from my local network with no problem.
Can see that 139 and 445 port are opened. Site "speed-tester.info" also tells me that these ports are opened.
BUT when I scan my server nmap doesnt show me these ports!

have this string in smb.conf, so samba should listen external interface:

interfaces = lo0 msk*

I tried to add "\\\disk_1" to my network in windows 7 but it failed.
Please help. What is wrong?

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Which operation system is your Samba running on? -- Are you sure your actual interface names are following the 'msk*' convention? -- You should list all interfaces with the ifconfig -s -a command (on Linux). The interface/device names then are in the leftmost column. –  Kurt Pfeifle Aug 2 '10 at 11:03
I have FreeBSD. I met somewhere 'msk*' during my search for solution to my problem. Of course my interface is 'msk0' and I tried using it too. –  Sergey Aug 3 '10 at 9:59

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First, your line interfaces = lo0 msk* does not look right to me. I've never come across an OS that names its NIC devices with a 'msk*' convention.

Second, get aware of the correct syntax for the interfaces = ... statement in smb.conf. Here is my summary of it:

  • ... may hold one or several network interface names
  • ... may hold one or several IP addresses
  • ... may hold one or several hostnames
  • ... may hold one or several IPaddress/netmask pairs
  • ... may hold one or several broadcast/netmask pairs
  • ... may hold a mixture of all of the above

More details to be found in man smb.conf. Assuming that is the address of your Samba server, the following should do what you want:

interfaces = lo0

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I tried this too –  Sergey Aug 3 '10 at 10:05
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I was tired trying to connect my samba shares to my pc remotely.
So I found for myself 2 other solutions:

  • Use expandrive (binds drive to explorer over ssh, but ssh slows down connection)
  • Use hamachi

pipitas, thanks anyway!

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