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Hey everybody, I am trying to compile VXI11 source codes on my debian - lenny, but I get this error:

rpcgen -M vxi11.x
make: rpcgen: command not found

Anyone know to rpcgen get intalled? Cant find solution. Any help is most appreciated.

Thanks Petr

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On Debian and Ubuntu, the apt-file command will tell you what package you can install to get a particular file. First install the apt-file package and run apt-file update. Then apt-file search rpcgen will show all the packages that include a file whose name contains rpcgen. Since you know you're looking for an executable, you can restrict the search to apt-file search bin/rpcgen.

If you're going to compile a C or C++ program on Debian or Ubuntu, start by installing the build-essential package.

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Here you go:

$ sudo apt-get install libc6-dev-bin
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Thanks Dirk. I've already tried this, but I always end up with error: E: Couldn't find package libc6-dev-bin Do I need any other packages? gcc??? Thanks –  praethorian Jul 31 '10 at 12:42

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