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I'm trying to use S3 as an off site file location for a database backup. On my home dev machine this works just fine, I just do a dump out from mySQL and then

<cffile action = "copy"
source = "#backupPath##filename#"
destination = "s3://myID:myKey@myBucket/#filename#">

and all is good. However, the production server at work is behind a router/firewall controlled/managed by a 3rd party. I read somewhere that S3 needs port 843 open to work (and then lost that reference) but does the CF built in function connect to a particular IP at amazon so I could ask for that port open for just that IP?

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I see that you found some answers via comments on Ray Camden's blog post about the S3 functionality, with information contributed by Steven Erat, but for the sake of completeness here on Stack Overflow and for others who may find this question, here is that information:

By default, all communication from your CF server and S3 is done over HTTPS on port 443. There is a Java system property (s3service.https-only), which defaults to true, and will do the communication over http and not over https if you set it to false. Sorry, I don't know how you might change it, unless maybe as a JVM argument.

The IP of any given bucket could be different (and possibly change over time), so you can't necessarily get by on opening a port for a single IP -- but luckily you shouldn't have to since it's all done over SSL/443.

What does use port 843 is the Amazon S3 console, an optional flash-based web interface for managing your bucket(s).

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