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what is the best and most simplest way to create tooltip text for textboxes

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With JavaScript and probably with a framework like jQuery that fits very well with ASP.NET MVC. Using the framework means that someone's alread done the hard work and written a plugin for it!

There is of course the title attribute on text inputs that shows as a popup tip in some browsers.

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Use the data annotations on your model to put the tooltip in the Description property of the DisplayAttribute.

Then write your own Html Helper function that puts the Description property into the title attribute of the TextBox input field. You can call the helper TextBoxWithTooltipFor

In your view definition you can then replace the call to @(Html.TextBoxFor(...)) with the call to @(Html.TextBoxWithTooltipFor(...))

Here is the code that is tested and works. Picture of code to add tooltip to textbox

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There is universal code that gives you opportunity to use tooiTips not only to Texboxes but also to another components in WinForm. I'm using Generic:

class ClassToolTips Type> {

    public void ToolTipТNavigator(Type tElem, string str, int x, int y, bool i)

        ToolTip ttp = new ToolTip();
        int VisibleTime = 3000;  //in milliseconds
        ttp.ToolTipTitle = "Інформування користувачу";// Create the ToolTip and associate with the Form container.
        ttp.IsBalloon = true;

        if (i)
             ttp.BackColor = Color.Khaki;
             ttp.BackColor = Color.OrangeRed;

        ttp.ToolTipIcon = ToolTipIcon.Info;
        ttp.Show(str, (IWin32Window)tElem, x, y, VisibleTime);


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