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I have a string which has a number in it that I would like to replace with another number.


<a href="" id="my_link">blah blah 32 blah blah</a>

I know there is only going to be 1 number in this string.

I can get this far:

var my_string = $('a#my_link').text();

But basically I don't know how to then perform a search on my_string for a numeral and replace that number with something else.

Is that possible with jQuery?

Thanks for any ideas.

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Many jQuery methods like .text() can accept a function that returns the value to insert.

Try it out: http://jsfiddle.net/6mBeQ/

$('#my_link').text( function(i,txt) {return txt.replace(/\d+/,'other value'); });

This removes the need to run the selector twice.

Also, when you are getting an element by its ID, it is actually a little quicker if you do not include the tag name.

So instead of


it is better to do


as I did above.

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Now, this is a solution that doesn't require two element grabs. Nice. –  Gert Grenander Jul 31 '10 at 13:44
Thanks @Gert. :o) –  user113716 Jul 31 '10 at 13:45
I'll need to get into the habit of using functions like that. It's a really neat way when replacing stuff. –  Gert Grenander Jul 31 '10 at 13:51
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var new_string = $('a#my_link').text().replace(/[0-9]+/, "somethingelse")

Replace somethingelse with, well, something else. :)

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$('a#my_link').text($(this).text().replace(/\d+/,'something')); should be even better –  Mikulas Dite Jul 31 '10 at 13:36
@Mikulas Dite - Try it and you'll discover that this in your example isn't referring to the element you think it is. ;) –  Gert Grenander Jul 31 '10 at 13:42
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This will work for simple natural numbers containing 0 - 9.

var my_string = $('a#my_link').text().replace(/[0-9]+/, 'replacement');

If you need to match more complex numbers, such as decimals and negative numbers, then this would work:

var my_string = $('a#my_link').text().replace(/-?[0-9]*\.?[0-9]+/, 'replacement');

If you need to match more complex still, like exponential notation, or numbers with commas, you'd need to modify the regex appropriately -- how you do that will depend on how stringently you want to validate.

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That's not what the OP asked. It will return the first character of the number ('3' in this case); he wants to replace the whole number with another number. –  Krevan Jul 31 '10 at 13:34
Thanks, edited :-) However the regex will match the whole number, not the first digit. –  Jhong Jul 31 '10 at 13:45
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First you need to loop through each word by splitting off on the space character using the split() function and send the result to a string array.

Once you do that, test each word for the number. If you find the number use the jquery replaceWith() function: http://api.jquery.com/replaceWith/

Hope that helps.

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