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I am in the process of documenting the high level view of the information systems that we have. They aren't all 'silo' applications and components, and I the goal here is to highlight which components rely on which other components.

My end goal is to have a 'map' or schema of the components in the company (apps, utility assemblies, datastores, etc.).

This would then be a living document which would need to be modified.

Question: are there any tools out there that you know of that might make this process easy? (I was considering Visio up until now)

I am in the .NET/SQL Server world, if that helps qualify any automated tools.

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I have always just used Visio for this type of diagramming.

There are templates for physical network, database and architecture diagrams, I usually mix shapes from several depending on whether the diagram is physical (servers and DB instances) or logical, or both.

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I find Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems to be a great tool for developing these kinds of things. EA is really a UML tool. UML has elements for showing systems and component dependencies, and well as the composition of an entity.

EA is a rasonably priced application. It runs about $200 for the corporate edition which includes version control (so models can be dumped straight into and your SCM) as well as access control.

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While Visio is your one-stop-shop for diagram and mapping exercises to date, there is strong competition from the open source realms. One of the best I've seen to date is yEd, although Dia remains popular among some circles. I would definitely recommend at least running one proof of concept exercise in yEd to experience the workflow and template assets for yourself.

Link: yEd - Graph Editor

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