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Has anyone run into any problems running jQuery UI AutoComplete and jQuery UI iPod like DrillDown Menu?

I realize it's still in a development stage, but curious if anyone else has noted this issue? If you know of a fix that would be awesome as well.


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I updated the jQuery UI iPod like drilldown menu to have a new function name and it worked great.

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@Justin can you elaborate, post some code perhaps I'm experiencing the same issue – ant Feb 25 '11 at 11:41

had the same problem - renaming works:

in find (right on top after comments)

var allUIMenus = [];
$ = function (options) {

and replace "menu" eg. with "ipodmenu" like

var allUIMenus = [];
$.fn.ipodmenu = function (options) {

now you call your menu within your pages like

        content: $('#flyout').next().html(),
        flyOut: true 
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