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So I've recently been converted to Eclipse from Textpad [wow I didn't know what I was missing] and the only main complaint is I can't figure out how to how to get my brackets to be a different color. I changed all the other colors to my old look so I guess my real problem is I can't add new rules to the list of different template items and brackets isn't in there by default.

I use PHP, here's the version of Eclipse:

Eclipse for PHP Developers

Build id: 20100218-1602
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Go to

Windows > Preferences.

Then navigate to

General > Editors > Structured Text Editors.

You'll find a list where you can adjust Matching brackets highlights. Choose an intense color, as brackets are only highlighted by a thin outline.


It seems I misunderstood your request. What you are looking should is the font color of brackets. This should be placed in

PHP > Editor > Syntax Coloring

But there is yet no option to define a a different color for brackets or braces (like for Java)

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Yes your edit is correct I checked in there but like you say nothing exists currently –  Andrew G. Johnson Aug 9 '10 at 20:57

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