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Can anyone think of a better way of writing this out in a loop and getting the same result?

$today = date('l');

    if($today == 'Wednesday'){
        $min = date('l-m-d-y');
        $max = date('l-m-d-y', strtotime('+4 days'));
    }else if($today == 'Thursday'){
        $min = date('l-m-d-y', strtotime('-1 days'));
        $max = date('l-m-d-y', strtotime('+3 days'));
    }else if($today == 'Friday'){
        $min = date('l-m-d-y', strtotime('-2 days'));
        $max = date('l-m-d-y', strtotime('+2 days'));
    }else if($today == 'Saturday'){
        $min = date('l-m-d-y', strtotime('-2 days'));
        $max = date('l-m-d-y', strtotime('+1 days'));
    }else if($today == 'Sunday'){
        $min = date('l-m-d-y', strtotime('-3 days'));
        $max = date('l-m-d-y');

    echo $min . ' - ' . $max;
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What's the goal with the adding / subtracting days? –  Will A Aug 1 '10 at 0:26
@Will I'm creating directories based on dates with files inside that relate to that date... so for instance 08_01_2010 will have file1.html and file2.html while 08_02_2010 will have file3.html and file4.html... I need the allowed dates to be within a specific range of dates. So, if it's Wednesday, I need to search for folders up to Sunday, if it's Friday, I need to search BACK to Wednesday and UP to Sunday etc... –  Howard Zoopaloopa Aug 1 '10 at 0:29
Artefacto looks to have crafted a magic solution for this. :) Was thinking along these same lines - calculate the number of days back / forward required and you're sorted. –  Will A Aug 1 '10 at 0:32

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I assumed you wanted -3 in the min on Saturday and -4 on Sunday. Anyway, this is the idea:

$weekday = date("w");
if ($weekday == 0)
    $weekday = 7;

if ($weekday >= 3) {
    $min = date('l-m-d-y',
        strtotime(($weekday==3?"+0":(3-$weekday))." days");
    $max = date('l-m-d-y',
        strtotime("+".(7-$weekday)." days");
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ahhh, love it. Very nice. –  Howard Zoopaloopa Aug 1 '10 at 0:34

could store it in an array with the day as the key and the +/-x days as the values.

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very nice solution :) –  Howard Zoopaloopa Aug 1 '10 at 0:35

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