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Has anybody experimented with these. Is this supported?

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I actually had to try this myself. :0

It does not seem to be supported. I get this error when adding a stored procedure using a tvp parameter into the dbml file

DBML1005: Mapping between DbType 'Structured' and Type 'System.Object' in Parameter 'TVP' of Function 'dbo.spTestTableTypeParm' is not supported

Sad but true, I thought this could be a killer feature of sql 2008 and linq2sql

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Table Value parameters aren't supported yet in LINQ to SQL. There's a few posts about this on Microsoft's MSDN forums:

DbType.Structured not available

SQL Server 2k8.User Defined Table Type. Mapping between DbType 'Structured' and Type 'System.Object'

The second link refers to Entity Framework, but the underlying issue is the same.

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