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If I run this query:

SELECT `Manga`.`id`, `Manga`.`name` FROM `mangas` AS `Manga` WHERE `Manga`.`id` in 
SELECT `manga_id` FROM `mangas_genres` where `manga_id` = 1

My computer does not respond (I just mistype). It can't run this query. Is the above code invalid? Please, help me.

I think it is valid, but it can't run. I don't understand. It sure be MySQL, I run query on MYSQL workbench (not in PHP) my computer be very slower ( while run query) My table mangas and mangas_genres have more than 5000 rows.

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What'll it be responding? – Will A Aug 1 '10 at 0:35
SELECT 'manga_id' FROM 'mangas_genres' where 'manga_id' = 1 will always return 1 or nothing. I'm guessing that is not the desired outcome. Unless this is some idiom to replace EXISTS? What error do you get? – Martin Smith Aug 1 '10 at 0:46

That's a valid query, assuming that all table and column names are spelled correctly.

CREATE TABLE mangas_genres (manga_id INT NOT NULL);
INSERT INTO mangas_genres (manga_id) VALUES (1);

INSERT INTO mangas (id, name) VALUES
(1, 'manga1'),
(2, 'manga2');

SELECT `Manga`.`id`, `Manga`.`name` FROM `mangas` AS `Manga` WHERE `Manga`.`id` in
SELECT `manga_id` FROM `mangas_genres` where `manga_id` = 1


id  name
1   manga1

Your problem is somewhere else.

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My query is valid but lost many time to run query (>100s on my computer , it cause computer to very slower (not responding)), The solve is index to speed up

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