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I'm using feincms in a django project and I want to use manage.py dumpdata but I get nothing:

python manage.py dumpdata feincms                 
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If you want to dump the page data you need to run dumpdata on the page app. The page models live there, not in feincms:

 python manage.py dumpdata page
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I don't know FeinCMS, but looking at the GitHub repo it seems that the feincms application only contains abstract models. If you want to dump the data, you'll need to find where the actual concrete models are, and dump that app.

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actually, the Page model is not abstract, and lives in "feincms.module.page.models.Page" that looks like the still is feicms. –  Victor Aug 2 '10 at 17:29

There is also the option to use dumpdata all, but I should warn you: the more complex your application, the more likely it is that the dumpdata will miss something. If all else fails, try doing a dump directly from your database, rather than relying on Django.

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