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How can I configure a Netbeans Ruby project so that it does not run a Ruby interpreter (a Ruby "platform"), but starts up rackup?


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I've copied rack gem into [project_path]/vendor/rack-1.0.0

Then set run configuration as follows:

Main script: rack-1.0.0/bin/rackup Hit 'Browse...' button to choose the right file

Arguments: -p 3004 Replace 3004 by the needed port

Working directory: [project_path] Replace by the actual project path

And it works perfectly.

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I attempted to do something similar myself: to run my project through a Rack container (the way it is meant to run in production). I used trinidad as the rackup container (JRuby platform) and in the Ruby VM arguments in netbeans, I put:

-S trinidad -r

While this works fine from the terminal, it doesn't work at all from Netbeans and the errors are unhelpful.

Would appreciate a good answer to this one too. Running a specific class is not a useful way of running a Ruby web app intended for a Rack container.

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