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alright first off i will say that im definitely newer to android programming than most.. i think that i am picking up quite quickly however i think that the program that im looking to eventually create is a bit out of my league right now considering my level of knowledge.. im hoping someone here can either tell me what i need to do so i can do my research and start working or maybe even provide me with some sample source code to work from

i have figured out how to do everything in my android program except for creating a list that is populated by an internet file that i update and maintain on a daily basis.. i dont care what file type it is.. i can learn to use whatever if it gets the job done.. the program reads the information from the file, properly splits it up into an array (multiple actually considering there are multiple parts that accompany each item in the list), and creates the list with the items - each of which are clickable and sends you to a separate page/activity with the full information of that item that you clicked on

any help with this would be greatly greatly appreciated

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I have a program that does something very similar. I'm not sure about the rules on SO, but if you want to post an email or some way to connect you I can give you my source. – Falmarri Aug 1 '10 at 4:50
wow that would be amazing.. just send it on over to thanks a ton in advance – dootcher Aug 1 '10 at 15:05

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