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I have a 32-bit Windows/Qt application using Postgres plugin. Recently, I've been intrigued to turn the app into a 64-bit app. So I checked the Qt docs for instructions, built Qt and its libraries into 64-bit successfully. Now the problem is Postgres does not provide libraries for 64-bit Windows! Obviously, the Qt Postgres plugin won't compile. I googled around a lot and didn't find any solutions, just a whole bunch of non-helpful discussion archive postings. So, is there a way for me to compile my app as true 64-bit while using Postgres in Windows?

ADDENUM The problem isn't running Postgres as true 64-bit on Windows (which cannot be done) (I'm not managing the database, so I don't care even), but to compile my Qt app as 64-bit (which very much gains from being true 64-bit). But since it needs to access Postgres DB, I can't do it, Qt Postgres plugin will not compile and I won't have DB access.

So, should I just separate Postgres related stuff to a 32-bit DLL (can I use 32-bit dlls with 64-bit app even?), or even to a separate executable, or can I use some other framework for accessing it...?

Give me any, even dirty, solution to this problem and state the pros and cons it may have and what else it might affect or break.

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There's no way to compile Postgres as a 64-bit Windows executable? – Powerlord Dec 5 '08 at 16:25
See this pgsql-hackers thread: There is a lot of issues with 64-bit Postgres on Windows despite 64-bit Linux version works fine. – Tuminoid Dec 6 '08 at 14:06
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I'm about to get Vista 64 on my work machine so I was looking this up as well.

Basically - No, Postrgresql will not compile in Windows 64bit (yet), though it has worked for years in *nix 64bit.

I found this link - from one of the maintainers of the Windows installer.

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Thanks for the link.. I wrote an addenum to the question, maybe you have information about that? – Tuminoid Dec 16 '08 at 6:06

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