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I'm a beginner with MyBatis.

I just want to know how to insert a collection of objects from an instance of a class. Say I have a class User related to a Note in one-to-many relationship. I just like to mention that I built my schema using JPA 2 annotations via Hibernate's hbm2ddl. I'll add the key JPA annotations I used in the sample code below.

Here's a sample:

public class User {
    public List<Note> getNotes() {...}

Now, everytime I insert something into User table I have to insert instances into the Note table if the list is not empty. Take note of the @JoinColumn in Note table which should have the id of the inserted User, which I have set to be autogenerated.

Has anyone got something like this working? Thanks.

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When using a regular MyBatis XML mapping config you can use something like this:

Java classes:

class EnclosingType { private List elements; }

class ElementType { String a; String b; (...) }

>     <mapper
>       namespace="my.example.ElementType">
>       <insert id="insertElements" parameterType="EnlosingType">
>           INSERT INTO ELEMENTTYPE (enclosingTypeId, column_a, column_b)
>           VALUES
>           <foreach item="element" index="index" collection="elements"
>               open="(" separator="),(" close=")">
>               #{id}, #{element.a}, #{element.b}
>           </foreach>
>       </insert>
>     </mapper>
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is there a way to do this Using annotations? –  sheki Feb 1 '12 at 20:28
As I understand it this would be one of those things annotations can't do –  eaglestorm Mar 13 '13 at 10:59
Whoa.. Your solution saved my day, thanks! I was using just simple "," as separator. Thanks! –  kullero Aug 20 at 10:07

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