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I apply impulse in an object in box2d iPhone app and now want to increase its speed in particuler direction....i mean i need two thing

1.through the object in a direction 2.increase speed

plz help..

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b2Vec2 force = b2Vec2(xAcceleration, yAcceleration);
force *= dt;  // Use this if your game engine uses an explicit time step
b2Vec2 p = myObjectBody->GetWorldPoint(b2Vec2(0.0f, 0.0f));
body->ApplyForce(force, p);

By modifying xAcceleration and yAcceleration, you can make the object move with various speeds in different directions. (If you calculate angles, you might want to use force.Normalize(); and then multiply by a velocity.)

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very very thanx......can u provide me the link of best books for box2d iPhone..??i want to buy one.. –  Rony Aug 2 '10 at 4:09
but i have another question....i think in the above code p is the direction of force....isn't it??then if i want to direct it in X or -X or Y -Y axises then what to do?? –  Rony Aug 2 '10 at 4:13
plz look at..stackoverflow.com/questions/3385056/… –  Rony Aug 2 '10 at 5:16
Greetings Rony, your link, it does not work. –  tomdemuyt Sep 27 '10 at 21:57
b2Vec2 vector = self.speed * b2Vec2(cos(angle), sin(angle));
[self schedule:@selector(increaseSpeed) interval:0.1];

- (void)increaseSpeed
    self.speed += 0.01;
    float angle = self.yourbodyBody->GetAngle();
    b2Vec2 vector = self.speed * b2Vec2(cos(angle), sin(angle));
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You could improve this if you added a bit of explanation. –  user195488 Dec 10 '12 at 18:35

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