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I am trying to do some WPF programming for the first time, and so I'm running through some tutorials. I am using Visual C# Express 2008. I am able to modify the application using the design view and the XAML view. I can also add events by double-clicking on the controls in the design view, and I can see these events being added to the C# code in the corresponding *.xaml.cs file.

However, I can't seem to actually add any statements to the events in this file, or otherwise edit this file in any way. Any time I press any key, I get the "Windows XP Ding.wav" default beep sound. I've tried looking around to see if the file is locked or read-only somehow, but I can't find anything. (And at this point, these files are not actually saved to disk, because for some reason VC# Express doesn't do so during project creation -- it holds off until the first time you save to ask you where you actually want to save it.)

The tutorials don't seem to mention anything about this. Has anyone else run into a similar problem?

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Hmmmm, it's starting to look more and more like a bug. It turns out, I can't even hit Ctrl+S to save. I get the same beep. However, if I switch to Design View and type Ctrl+Shift+S to "Save All", it saves everything: including the cs file that was beeping at me. Yet, even after saving, I still cannot edit this .cs file manually. I continue to get the beep with each keystroke. Interestingly enough, hitting the Alt key WILL give focus to the menu bar, as it should. I'm not sure why the Alt key is processed and the Ctrl+S sequence is rejected... –  Knarf Navillus Aug 1 '10 at 16:14
You are trying to edit the .xaml.cs file for the window, right -- not for a control that you dragged out of the toolbox? –  Jay Aug 2 '10 at 4:23
Yes, that's right. I tried restarting my computer, and that seemed to work. However, about 30 minutes later it happened again. So, I tried restarting the Visual Studio instance. That worked (turned out that restarting the entire machine probably wasn't necessary). In any case, it sounds like I'm experiencing some sort of bug that is specific to my machine. I'm long overdue for a clean wipe of the hard drive anyway. I've been experiencing all sorts of strange little quirks lately. I try to keep my AV up to date, but who knows. –  Knarf Navillus Aug 2 '10 at 15:39

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