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I am looking for a good ruby editor that supports VI commands. I have been using gvim but it would be nice to have an IDE that helps me navigate between files. Any suggestions?

I realize there is a similar question however it doesn't address VI specific editors.

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Thanks for all the ideas. I tried the NERD tree plugin and it is great if you like GVIM. I also tried the RubyMine + IdeaVIM plugin. I really like it as well. I'm going to stick with the NERD plugin since it is free and I like GVIM but if I already had a copy of RubyMine and liked it then I would probably go that route. – Adam Aug 3 '10 at 4:42

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You don't have to give up your favourite editor. Navigation between files can be done inside Vim with the NERD tree plugin:

NERD tree screenshot

(image source)

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Add Command-T plugin and You are golden – Arnis L. Apr 7 '11 at 19:26

Adam Lowe blogged a nice guide for setting up Vim with various plugins for Rails development: VIM Destroys All Other Rails Editors

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RubyMine + IdeaVIM plugin

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I use vim all day doing rails stuff, and it is hard to think of another editor that gives me what fuzzyfinder_textmate, nerd_tree, and rails.vim ex commands do when it comes to opening files

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Kate has VIM mode. It is part of KDE, but since 4.0 KDE may be installed on Windows. Beware that installer will install tons of dependencies for you...

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