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I need to know whether I can write the whole class in C++ and use it in XCode using Objective-C?

I need to write a code to query HTML using POST method and I think the best approach is to use either C++ or C#.


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Yes you can, with C++ that is. From the chapter "Using C++ With Objective-C" in Apples "The Objective-C Programming Language" document:

Apple’s Objective-C compiler allows you to freely mix C++ and Objective-C code in the same source file. This Objective-C/C++ language hybrid is called Objective-C++. With it you can make use of existing C++ libraries from your Objective-C applications.

Basically all you have to do is use the file extension .mm and then you may mix Objctive-C and C++ freely (see the chapter linked to above for some exceptions).

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C++, yes. C#, no.

Objective-C is an extension of C and can transparently interoperate with C++.

Unless you have some existing HTTP library that you want to recycle, I would suggest exploring the options built into the system first. There are a bunch of stackoverflow questions on the subject.

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