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I have the following code inside a class:

$tmp= $this->Xml->xpath("/page/text[@id='$this->Id']");
$tmp[0]= $this->Text;
echo $tmp[0];
echo $this->Xml->asXml();
$this->Xml->asXML($this->FileName); //save XML

the problem is "echo $tmp[0]" prints the updated text while $this->Xml->asXml() still contains the old node value. Searching around this website I found this to be the correct way to update the whole XML tree, yet this is still not working. Any idea?


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PHP's docs are in dire need of an example of this... the answer seems to be:

$tmp = $this->Xml->xpath("/page/text[@id='$this->Id']");
$tmp[0][0] = $this->Text;
echo $tmp[0][0];
echo $this->Xml->asXml();
$this->Xml->asXML($this->FileName); //save XML

Seems you need to refer to the node's first child, which would be the text (I'm assuming this is what's going on anyway).

Note the second brackets $tmp[0][0].

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Awesome, works! – Thasmo Nov 7 '13 at 19:43

Not found better way than this one:

$dom=dom_import_simplexml($xml_element); // $xml_element - in your case is $tmp[0]
$dom->nodeValue = "new value"; 
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list( , $node) = each($tmp);
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why should this work? – Mokuchan Aug 1 '10 at 18:19

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