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I'm trying to play a 10 minute long video (h264/mp4) which is 39MB in size, after I call it doesn't start playback until its loaded around 12-16MB of the file (many many seconds later), I finally get onMetaData at this point too. Why doesn't it begin playback right away, or at least w/in a couple seconds? What can cause this bloated lead in time?


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I'm not on a media server, this is a normal http request.

It appears that for some reason some of our video files aren't being run through qt-faststart. I tried the 10min video and it took 15 seconds to start, then ran it through qt-faststart and after that it started instantly.

So the solution here is qt-faststart :)

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Are you a media server, such as Red5 or Flash Media Server?

If not, the code will use progressive download and won't start playing until a certain amount of the file has downloaded.

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Right, the solution was to move the metadata info to the head of the file using qt-faststart. – Shizam Aug 2 '10 at 16:07

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