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I have the following code:


<h2>Listado General de Carreras</h2>

<% foreach (var item in Model)
   { %>

   <p><span class="titulo"><%=Html.ActionLink(item.Nombre, "Details" , new { id = item.ID }) %></span> <sub> Area: <%: item.Area.Nombre%></sub></p>

<% } %>    

    <%: Html.ActionLink("Crear Nueva Carrera", "Create") %>


What I want to do is display a header for every Area in my database and under each area show what Careers the Area has.

How can I efficiently do this with MVC2?

I was thinking of using Linq querys and saving them to the ViewData[] but maybe there is another way?

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have you tried the .Count property on the collection?

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