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In the project I'm working on, we have web resource files (e.g. JS, CSS, images, etc) stored in Vignette.

As a web developer I find this cumbersome to work with, since I frequently update these files, and since each upload of a file requires several clicks and waiting for up to 5 seconds on each click.

It would be awesome if I could instead update the files via FTP or some kind of HTTP interface, etc.

Is it possible to set this up?

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OK, looks like no one knows. I'm going to examine the HTTP pipeline with Fiddler and see if I can figure out how to fake the POSTs that upload the file. – jonathanconway Aug 5 '10 at 0:38
by "vignette" do you mean VCM, Portal? – mbrevoort Aug 20 '10 at 14:18
@mbrevoort, yes. – jonathanconway Aug 22 '10 at 7:47

If the files were uploaded in Vignette Application Portal as secondary files for a style tag, they end up buried in the template staging area for your VAP web server.

Something like: weblogic/userprojects/domains/previewdom/servers/previewserver1/stage/vignette_portal/portal/templates/HASH/Uploaded files

The HASH above denotes a hash Vignette correlates to a VAP site instance (if you only have one site, it will be the only hash folder in the templates directory).

Note: This is only a temporary place to make changes CSS and image files, after the server restarts, directory names may change and files may be deleted.

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You can edit/upload primary files (JSP, GIF, CSS, HTML, ...) for the following component types over WebDAV:

• Secondary Pages
• Styles
• Grids

More details can be found in the Developer's Guide (Editing Site Components Using WebDAV).

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