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Can anyone link me to a decent c++ tutorial that's actually currently in date? Almost everything I find applies to 2005 and the code examples are riddled with errors which won't run in my 2008 version of the visual compiler.

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Just to be clear, are you looking for a C++ tutorial, or a tutorial for programming Windows with C++? The C++ standard hasn't changed since 2005, so I assume the latter. –  Steve Jessop Dec 3 '08 at 19:50
thanks to J.F.Sebastian for claifying my title for me. –  user33061 Dec 3 '08 at 20:06

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The book Accelerated C++ is a good start to learn C++.

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Here is a Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition Introdution: Introduction to Visual C++ 2008 Express (Video). You will find a good book-list about Standard C++ here: http://jcatki.no-ip.org:8080/fncpp/Resources#books (that's the website of the ##c++ irc channel on irc.freenode.org). For an explanation of the difference between C++ and Visual C++ you can read this: http://www.comeaucomputing.com/techtalk/#vc.

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C++ hasen't changed much over the years code from i.e. www.vtc.com 's video-tutorials still applies and those are made ~2000.

But if you are specificly looking for Visual C++, then you might need newer Tutorials, but if you want to learn C++, start off small and not with Visual C++.

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Visual C++® 2008: How to Program, Second Edition

came up on safari a little while ago, looks quite good for an introduction to visual studio and C++

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