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I need to put some custom checking for creation and editing of opportunities in Subpanel of Accounts module. I need to check whether the last modified date is within last 5 days or not and then disable create and edit buttons for link opportunities.

I'm attaching a screenshot for better understanding.


In which file shall I need to implement my code? Or do I need to create some custom files? I'm waiting for any kind of suggestion or help from all

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Maybe this is of help...

In your subpanel definition add:

'fill_in_additional_fields' => true,

This will guarantee that the custom hook event "process_record" is fired in case the subpanel is generated.

After that create a logic hook for module Opportunities that handles this event. In the handler code add something like this:

// this hook is fired on several occasions (DetailView, ListView, Subpanel)
// define your conditions where you want to manipulate your field
if ($_REQUEST['...'] == 'DetailView' && $_REQUEST['module'] == '....')

if($opportunity->date_modified) ...add your code here

Credits go here http://www.sugarcrm.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44241

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