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How can we use datagrid in wpf? I can not see the datagrid control in framework 3.5.

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You can use free wpf toolkit library.

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Actually wpf does not have a datagrid control. But in framework 4.0 it has.

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Upgrade your .net framework will help you imo. It is really easier after that to use Datagrid in wpf, it owns !

Dabbling Around the new wpf datagrid

Good luck

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If you are using Framework 3.5, WPF does not have a DataGrid Control. But you can get WPF Datagrid, DatePicker, Accordion etc in extended WPF Toolkit. The Extended WPF Toolkit is a collection of WPF controls, components and utilities made available outside the normal WPF Toolkit. you can donwload the controls from

In Framework 4.0 WPF does have DataGrid and Datepicker.

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