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I'm having some issues in setting up Subscriptions for my phpbb forum, in that, I can't find a link to subscribe to the forum :/

Through the ACP, I've set the following to enabled:

  • Allow subscribing to topics
  • Allow subscribing to forums

This was done through General > Board Configuration > Board Features. I can't find any other section that has relevant settings that would require activation...

So, as far as I know, this should be all that's needed to enable forum subscriptions. However, when I browse my forum using both my administrator account and a newly made test account, no where do I see a link to subscribe to the forum/thread.

How do I set this up? :/

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I think questions relating to configuring an application belong on superuser.com or possibly serverfault.com –  Tim McNamara Aug 2 '10 at 8:03
did you ever solve this issue? –  Diego Jan 31 '13 at 18:36

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You must check if your phpBB version is the same as your phpBB template version, you can check it opening the styles/your_style/theme/themes.cfg and find the line Version.

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