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I have problems running the matches XPATH method:

@Test(groups = "regression")
@Parameters( { "baseUri", "locale" })
public void testShopping(String baseUri, String locale) throws Exception{
    String shoppingLink = session().getAttribute("//div[@id='footernav_links']//a[matches(@href,'.*shopping.*')]/@href");

throws excepotion

1:25.871 INFO - Command request: getAttribute[//div[@id='footernav_links']//a[matches(@href,'.*shopping.*')]/@href, ] on session 057af825ff224b16877a61b97b974b72 13:31:25.912 INFO - Got result: ERROR: Element //div[@id='footernav_links']//a[matches(@href,'.*shopping.*')]/ not found on session 057af825ff224b16877a61b97b974b72 13:3

I am using FF3.6 and got the motivation for this code from the article


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You could use contains as follows:

xpath=id('footernav_links')//a[contains(@href, '/shopping/')]@href

Also, the / before the final @ shouldn't be necessary, and you can simplify //div[@id='footernav_links'] to id('footernav_links') as shown above. Note that you will need the xpath= prefix if you do this though.

Alternatively, you could use a CSS locator:

css=#footernav_links a[href*=/shopping/]@href
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Thanks ...... this syntax is more compact and I can re-use the expression thru string substituion too. Saved some lines of code :-) –  Anadi Misra Aug 11 '10 at 14:33
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Got it to work. I now use the following syntax

String shoppingLink = session().getAttribute(

the Link I am searching for is of the form
I am not sure if this is completely correct though.

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