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does anybody know a tool for examining the structure of a windows forms application? I want to get information about every control on the form like buttons, labels etc. I tried Spy++ but it tells me only some information about the window structure, but nothing about the internal controls.

Thanks! Mark

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Have you tried Document Outline in Visual Studio?

You can use the outline to do the following in Windows Forms applications in Visual Studio:

  • View the logical structure of a Form or a UserControl.

  • Put user input focus on deeply nested controls that may be hard to select on the Form or UserControl itself.

  • Move controls from one parent to another parent.

  • See controls that may be visually hidden by other controls.

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Try using the AutoIt Window Info tool, it is similar to Spy++, but it may offer some additional data.

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This question seems to be asking the same thing and actually has a couple of good answers:

Is there a WinForm control inspector application?

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You might want to look into Active Accessibility. Assuming that the application just uses standard controls (or is accessibility enabled), MSAA will allow you to interact with the controls as a tree.

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