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What is the best regular expression for validating email addresses?


How can I find emails with regex ?


Also how can I find this items :

track0; (any track number);
track50 (any track number);
Track 0 (any track number);
Track 10 (any track number);
Track10 (any track number);
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try searching the internet: regex lib –  Mitch Wheat Aug 2 '10 at 9:56
SO is full of regex questions. Why not search SO before posting another one? –  Oded Aug 2 '10 at 9:57
Why not learn regular expressions? The ones you're asking for are fairly easy once you know how regular expressions work. amazon.com/Mastering-Regular-Expressions-Jeffrey-Friedl/dp/… –  Bennor McCarthy Aug 2 '10 at 10:03
I found regex for number one (emails). I need number two . –  pedram Aug 2 '10 at 10:21
what exactly are you trying to match in the second one, do you want the entire string track0; (any track number); just track0; or the track number between the brackets? i.e (any track number) without the brackets()??? –  zcourts Aug 7 '10 at 4:04

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found on http://www.regular-expressions.info/email.html

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1) Straight from Microsoft: How to match a pattern by using regular expressions and Visual C#

using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
Regex emailregex = new Regex("(?<user>[^@]+)@(?<host>.+)");
Match m = emailregex.Match(s);

2) Do you want to validate all entries with that format or do you just want to get that "(any track number)" value?

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First one, try searching or use Regular Expression Library

Second, try this:

Regex regex = new Regex(@"[^\d]+\d");
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