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Hello i have this HQL request and i have an error when I run it

My function:

public ProprietaireInt getProprietaireInt(String codeImmeuble, String annee) {
   //Create connexion
   Session session = getHibernateTemplate().getSessionFactory().getCurrentSession();
   ProprietaireInt proprietaireInt = new ProprietaireInt();
         String query = "SELECT pi.siren,pi.codeSCI,pi.libSocieteInterne,pi.libSocieteNormalise,pi.codeDomainePilotage " +
                        "FROM ImmeubleFisc if" +
                        "JOIN proprietaireInt pi ON if.sirenProprietaire = pi.siren " +
                        "WHERE if.idImmeubleFisc.codeImmeuble = :codeImmeuble " +
                        "AND if.idImmeubleFisc.exerciceFiscal = :annee";
        Query q = null;
        q = session.createQuery(query);
        q.setString("codeImmeuble", codeImmeuble);
        q.setString("annee", annee);

        proprietaireInt = (ProprietaireInt) q.uniqueResult();
    catch (Exception e)
       System.out.println(e.getMessage()+" "+e.getStackTrace());
    return  proprietaireInt;

My errror :

2010-08-02 12:12:22,081 ERROR ast.ErrorCounter (ErrorCounter.java:33) - line 1:156: unexpected token: proprietaireInt

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I am not sure if JOIN ON is supported (see HHH-16 and HHH-620) but, assuming ProprietaireInt is an entity, I guess the JOIN clause should be (note the uppercase first letter):

JOIN ProprietaireInt pi ...

Also since you're using projections (without a constructor expression), you'll get a Object[] as result and I don't think the following will work:

proprietaireInt = (ProprietaireInt) q.uniqueResult();

From the reference documentation:

14.6. The select clause


Queries can return multiple objects and/or properties as an array of type Object[]:

select mother, offspr, mate.name
from DomesticCat as mother
    inner join mother.mate as mate
    left outer join mother.kittens as offspr

Or as a List:

select new list(mother, offspr, mate.name)
from DomesticCat as mother
    inner join mother.mate as mate
    left outer join mother.kittens as offspr

Or - assuming that the class Family has an appropriate constructor - as an actual typesafe Java object:

select new Family(mother, mate, offspr)
from DomesticCat as mother
    join mother.mate as mate
    left join mother.kittens as offspr

See also

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