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I am trying to connect to oracle database from c++ using OCCI, I am following these instructions from Mark Williams, But when I run my program it gives error as MSVCR90.dll is missing from your computer. I suppose its problem related to vc compiler maybe its trying to use vc10 and oracle dll searches for vc9 dll? The oracle version I am trying to connect to is 10g.

Is it possible to configure VS2010 to use VC9 instead of VC10?

I am using Visual Studio 2010 under Windows 7.

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you might want to tag this as vc++ or visual studio and windows in addition to oracle10g. – carlsborg Aug 2 '10 at 10:54
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Indeed, the client application requires a different version of the MSVC runtime from what is installed on your computer. Msvcr90.dll is the Common Runtime library for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. You will need to install this. (Note that for this version, it is no longer considered a shared system directory, so it installs as a Windows side-by-side assembly.)

You can install it by downloading the installers here or here:

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