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i have created one project in java with the help of Netbeans IDE. I am using Jasper Reports as a reporting tool. We i run my project in netbeans the reports run properly. But when i run my program with jar file the reports doesn't work. It is showing jasper report error. i have added all the jar files that are required for the building a project jar file is there any way to integrate a jasper reports jars with my project jar?

thanks in advance Rohan

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Could you post your error? –  Gordon Aug 3 '10 at 9:09

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Possibly you haven't put the required libraries into the Class-path attribute of your manifest file?

Class-Path :

The value of this attribute specifies the relative URLs of the extensions or libraries that this application or extension needs. URLs are separated by one or more spaces. The application or extension class loader uses the value of this attribute to construct its internal search path.

Read this tutorial about manifest files.

And there's an ant task for creating one on the fly.

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you have to check your manifiest and add libraries if it miss some one:

`Class-Path: lib/jasperreports-5.0.0.jar lib/jasperrepo
 rts-chart-themes-5.0.0.jar lib/jasperreports-core-renderer.jar lib/ja
 sperreports-expressions-0.0.3.jar lib/jasperreports-exprfunctions-0.0
 .3.jar lib/jasperreports-extensions-3.5.3.jar lib/jasperreports-fonts
 -5.0.0.jar lib/jasperreports-htmlcomponent-4.7.1.jar lib/jasperreport
 s-json.jar lib/jasperreports-jtidy-r938.jar lib/com-jaspersoft-irepor
 t-components.jar lib/com-jaspersoft-ireport-jasperserver.jar lib/com-
 jaspersoft-ireport.jar lib/com-jaspersoft-jrx.jar lib/conexion.jar li
 b/spring-core-3.2.2.RELEASE.jar lib/commons-logging-1.1.1.jar lib/com
 mons-beanutils-20030211.134440.jar lib/commons-collections-20040616.j
 ar lib/commons-digester-2.1.jar lib/spring-beans-3.2.2.RELEASE.jar li
 b/groovy-all-2.1.1.jar lib/itext-4.2.0.jar lib/commons-javaflow-20060
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