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How would you stub Devise in Rails 3 with rSpec. I have a UsersController and a User model. Both of which are associated with Devise at the moment, I'm writing controller specs and I really am having a hard time with my expectations as the Devise sign_in is really jamming up the works.

Any thing will help.

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With devise, you can completely stub out the user model:… – Flov Sep 2 '12 at 5:49
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I found that it is now pretty easy to do this. There was a problem with rspec2 and devise, but is now solved. I guess you would need to update your gems. Then you can write

require 'spec_helper'

describe DoStuffController do
  include Devise::TestHelpers

  before (:each) do
    @user = Factory.create(:user)
    sign_in @user

  describe "GET 'index'" do
    it "should be successful" do
      get 'index'
      response.should be_success

[UPDATE] On the devise wiki there is now a detailed (and probably more up-to-date) description.

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Just as a note to others who might come across this. If your using confirmation, make sure your factory defines :confirmed_at or you pass it in. – RyanJM Jul 22 '11 at 17:14
There's a detailed description of this on the devise wiki:… – Kevin Bedell Nov 13 '11 at 14:55
@KevinBedell, the URL is almost right - it is missing the last ')'. Thus, the correct URL is this – Zabba May 5 '12 at 20:02
I fixed the url in the post as well. – nathanvda May 7 '12 at 7:22
It would be nice not to touch the database on controller tests though... is there any way to mock this behavior instead of actually creating activerecord objects? – Aaron Gibralter Jun 11 '12 at 13:54

You can try mocking the underlying warden ( object which devise relies upon, here is a link to some details on how you can accomplish this with RSpec: (entry covers some other topics as well, the solution you want is towards the bottom of the page.)

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Thanks so much! Just what I've been looking for. – stuartc Aug 5 '10 at 6:54
The new answer below provides a better way… – Khaja Minhajuddin Oct 20 '10 at 10:25

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