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Say you have a C project with tons of files, and tons of configurations managed by using the -D option in GCC to define some flags.

In my particular case, I have loads of files with that kind of stuff:

void foo( sometype *x)

#ifdef MY_FLAG



Now, whenever I change one of the flags, I need to clear the project and recompile all the source code because I cannot selectively touch the files that use this flag.

Is it possible, using Eclipse under Windows, to do that? Maybe an Eclipse plugins, or whatever.

For linux, I might use some mix of grep, find and touch, but on Windows I have no idea.

share|improve this question I missing the point? Surely if you change the flags, the files that use those flags are the ones you want to recompile? – Brian Hooper Aug 2 '10 at 14:03
I do want to recompile these particular files. But as you know, make only recompiles the files that have changed, so I need to change all the files where the flag is used. I'd rather do it automatically! – Gui13 Aug 2 '10 at 15:04
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Okay, under people pressure, I installed MSYS and used a command like this one:

$ find . -name "*.c" -or -name "*.h" | xargs grep "MYFLAG" -q -l | xargs touch

You can actually add some other filters to find to tune more finely your touched files.

I didn't know xargs, any idea on my command line?

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You should probably use find's -print0 and xargs -0 options to avoid possible bugs if there are filenames with spaces or newlines. – Hudson Aug 2 '10 at 12:58

If you have already cooked up a solution for Unix with grep, find and touch, why don't you do the same on Windows? You can use msys and the unix tools that come with it.

I don't have an Eclipse installation on the machine I am at the moment, but I'm sure you can launch a batch from Eclipse

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find . -name "*.c" | xargs grep "MYFLAG" -q -l | xargs touch does the trick, but, well, I hoped to see smething similar in Windows. – Gui13 Aug 2 '10 at 12:49

Why wouldn't you use a mix of grep, find, and touch on Windows too?

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