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Do you know how I could get one of the IPv6 adress of one of my interface in python2.6. I tried something with the socket module which lead me nowhere.


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The netifaces module should do it.

import netifaces
addrs = netifaces.ifaddresses('eth0')
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Thanks a lot, sadly I want to stay very simple in this script which should run on a lot of different environment. So I was looking for something which wouldn't necessitate an easy_install. But still, it works great, thanks again. –  jaes Aug 2 '10 at 15:18

You could just simply run 'ifconfig' with a subprocess.* call and parse the output.

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I thought about that, and I have actually a ready (and long) command to get my Ipv6 well formated. But it really look ugly. It must exist a righter way to do this. –  jaes Aug 2 '10 at 15:07
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I'll surely go with this, it sould be working good, even if I find that really ugly.

step1 = Popen(['ip','addr','show','br0'],stdout=PIPE)
step2 = Popen(['grep','inet6'],stdout=PIPE,stdin=step1.stdout)
step3 = Popen(['sed','-e','/fe80/d','-e','s/ *inet6 *//g','-e','s/\/64.*$//g'],stdout=PIPE,stdin=step2.stdout)
step4 = Popen(['tail','-n1'],stdout=PIPE,stdin=step3.stdout)

Thanks for the help again.

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