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i want to store all my assets in mongo gridfs. i was trying to get carrierwave setup with mongomapper and gridfs but seems carrierwave supports mongoid now instead.

I need to be able to save different size versions / cropped versions of an image so thats why i was going to use carrierwave. Currently its set up to store on file system using paperclip but paperclip is not easy or i have not found a good way to store in gridfs. ??

Should i be using joint to store assts ? but then how do i create versions etc ?

I basically have muliple models that can have many assets. My models are mongomapper documents / embedded docs, so i could use mongoid for my assets model and use carrierwave ....?

please can any one help with the best solution to this ? and hopefully point me to good examples!

thanks alot rick

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I recommend joint and just storing originals. From there, you can create alternate versions on the fly. I have used on projects to create alternate sizes. On the first request I typically cache the original to the file system for speedier requests and then create/cache the requested version/size.

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I recommend carrierwave, because if you decide, for whatever reason, to change file stores (for example, if you want to move to a filesystem-based store instead), it will be much easier with carrierwave.

There is a carrierwave plugin called mm-carrierwave that lets you use carrierwave with MongoMapper.

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