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I have a SQL Server 2008 database that has a Trigger. This trigger is defined as follows:

CREATE TRIGGER [dbo].[Trigger_Car_Insert] ON [dbo].[Car] FOR INSERT 
        [Lot] l JOIN (
                c.[LotID], COUNT(*) as 'TotalCars' 
                inserted i JOIN [Car] c ON i.[LotID]=c.[LotID]
            GROUP BY
        ) lotCars ON l.[ID]=lotCars.[LotID]

This works well for inserting. However, when a car gets sold, the IsSold flag gets updated to true. When this happens, I want a trigger to update the "TotalCars" property on the Lot table. I know there is an "inserted" and "deleted" table to detect what was just inserted/deleted. However, I cannot figure out the equivalent for updating.

How do I do this on SQL Server 2008? Thank you!

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If you used my solution (…) you would not have to deal with all these cases. – Giorgi Aug 2 '10 at 16:57
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There is no "updated table" in update trigger. The values before update statement are in "deleted" table and new values are in "inserted" table. You can check whether a specific column was updated or not by using COLUMNS_UPDATED function.

Here is a simple example: An Introduction to Triggers -- Part II

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