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I am a single developer and I have a small app that I sell. All of my customers have been on Solaris. I purchased an old E450 off ebay and compile and test happily.

Now I have been asked a few times about an AIX build. I know nothing about AIX. So could someone please help me with the following, thanks:

Is there a shell I can rent with cc or gcc that anyone knows about? I have been told the version I have to support is 5L 5.3 I have searched ebay and couldn't find a server without spending thousands. Can anyone suggest something for a few hundred pounds? I assume, like solaris and sparc, the power5 machines have their own cpu type thus I can't install any virtual OS on another hardware etc?

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try it

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You can rent a whole LPAR (virtual machine) in the Cloud and choose AIX version you need. Try this site:

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