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my app has a menu with an assortment of buttons at the bottom, each button inserts a new subview from one of my xibs, underneath the menu. The views have an order they are supposed to go in(think powerpoint presentation) though the user can touch a certain button to go to any of them.

There are also next and previous buttons.

I am wondering how I should reference the views in my menu's view controller such that I can insert the proper "next" and "previous" view, which of course depends on which one is currently showing. Also I need to remove the current subview after inserting the new one, whichever that may be.


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If you are using a UITabBarController, you can for example just call

[self.tabBarController setSelectedIndex:2];

to go to the 3rd screen. (note that index 0 is the first screen)

So if you hook up buttons to for example

    [self.tabBarController setSelectedIndex:[self.tabBarController selectedIndex]+1];

    [self.tabBarController setSelectedIndex:[self.tabBarController selectedIndex]-1];

you're almost there. This assumes that you have a UITabBarController as the parent of the viewcontroller you put this in. If you subclassed UITabBarController, just use self instead of self.tabBarController.

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I'm not using a tab bar controller it's just a UIViewController because it has all custom buttons with varying placement and graphics. – Hippocrates Aug 2 '10 at 20:12
In that case, keep an NSArray of the views, and keep a state variable telling which view is current. Then create two functions like those proposed above. Make a function setSelectedIndex which removes the current view, and adds the new view. – mvds Aug 2 '10 at 20:33

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