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What are some good resources for winforms development?

For example, when you have to have a bunch of different controls and event handlers on one form. Do you use partial classes, user controls, special attributes,...?

How do you handle communication between user controls - only with events?

Are there any patterns you can use?

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up vote 2 down vote accepted is a good start. When we do winform development at work we use a MVP type of pattern and try and minimize the code behind. For user controls to communicate you can do events or implement a mediator pattern.

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Since you are looking for design techniques for your forms inner architecture, you may find "The humble dialog box" from Michael Feathers helpful. Not specific for WinForms, of course, but a general suggestion how to separate the logic from the layout to make your code better testable.

If you are looking for a WinForms book, there is the book from Charles Petzold. It is a little bit outdated (still .NET 1.1, AFAIK), but I don't know any better book about WinForms.

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